In this episode, Sukh starts by addressing some myths about positive psychology: - That if you cultivate positivity it means dismissing or not feeling...View Details

In episode 34, Sukh discusses the everyday boring, routine stuff we should be doing, but don't, that would lead to a better life. He put out a tweet o...View Details

In this episode, Sukh focuses on why we talk about self-awareness as doing 'the work'? What does self-awareness actually help us with? How can some pe...View Details

In this episode, Sukh discusses why it's so difficult to find empathy with others. What are the things at play that challenge empathy? Why is it diffi...View Details

In this episode, Sukh discuss if it's ok to be angry, how we understand anger, and what we can do to release our anger in healthy and appropriate ways...View Details

In this episode, Sukh talks about how understanding different mental models can help us understand more about the human condition. It's a bit of a dif...View Details

In this episode, Sukh shares about why it's ok to have a bad day and not have to artificially find happiness or something to be grateful for. Sometime...View Details

In this episode, Sukh discusses the importance of having a regular normal day to day routine. How it's through doing mundane stuff, that we're enabled...View Details

Sukh shares in this episode the story of Vaisakhi. This is about how Sikhs became the Khalsa and why this identity matters.

This is a really interesting episode of the podcast where Sukh invites guests Meg Peppin and Sarah Boyd to talk about Thinking Environment. The name c...View Details

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