In this episode, Sukh discusses the importance of having a regular normal day to day routine. How it's through doing mundane stuff, that we're enabled...View Details

Sukh shares in this episode the story of Vaisakhi. This is about how Sikhs became the Khalsa and why this identity matters.

This is a really interesting episode of the podcast where Sukh invites guests Meg Peppin and Sarah Boyd to talk about Thinking Environment. The name c...View Details

In this episode, Sukh welcomes guest David D'Souza onto the podcast. Together they discuss humility in the modern age. They have a wide ranging discus...View Details

In this episode Sukh shares his reflections on growing up in the UK as a British Sikh.

In this Episode Sukh discusses the variety of people who can help you to grow and be your best self.

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In this episode, Sukh explores what emotions are. He talks about his development of thinking of the topic of emotional intelligence and the different ...View Details

This is a special episode! Sukh was doing some DIY and came across the book - Go The Fuck To Sleep. It's a children's book that's clearly not a childr...View Details

How does play impact on wellbeing? What about game playing? Moreso in the modern age, what about games consoles and games on apps? Are we all gamers h...View Details

Sukh talks to Ryan Tahmassebi in this episode about wellbeing and mental health. It's a really open discussion and Ryan shares his own struggles with ...View Details

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