In this episode, Sukh shares some thinking on how we're getting praise and appreciation wrong. We are conditioned to think that we don't deserve to he...View Details

In this episode, Sukh explores his thinking and writing on positive thinking, and what he's called the positive continuum. One end of the continuum is...View Details

In this short episode, Sukh discusses how we're allowed to give ourselves permission to plan for good things that are healthy and fulfilling for us. W...View Details

In this episode, Sukh talks about apologies, shame and guilt. He explores how we have many missed opportunities to be empathetic, and as a result we c...View Details

In this episode, Sukh reflects on shares his experience of completing a Coursera MOOC on Resilience. It was with Dr Karen Reivich from the University ...View Details

In this episode, Sukh reviews the best-selling book Sapiens by author and historian Yuval Noah Harari. The book is a dispassionate and relentless look...View Details

In this episode, Sukh welcomes back guest Gemma Dale. They discuss the problem of calling this working from home, when the reality is we wouldn't choo...View Details

In this episode, Sukh takes a look at boundaries and the importance of boundaries on personal effectiveness. He discusses the impact of Covid on blurr...View Details

In this episode, Sukh talks with friends Fiona McBride and Mark Gilroy and they get all geeky about the Marvel Cinematic Universe! They talk about the...View Details

Sukh discusses one of the unexpected things to arise from the situation with Covid which is the personal spotlight on the discomfort people have in be...View Details

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